Rallito-X spread world's walls with those absurd yuppies,  they sprout penises instead of good ideas of the head

Sex & Politics:

As part of our life, politics and sex have to live in a greater or lesser degree of harmony. This relationship is broader than collecting slips and naughtiness of our Presidents or Kings, and after that, expressing an opinion through the contemporary art “tribune”.


As part of the discourse of this Street artist... focuses on how ridiculous it may be the reasoning of those politicians


This is about: how to give an interesting twist to this “traditional couple” made up of politics and sex. Is not only about Berlusconi and his scandals, but what surrounds a system in which the strategy to climb socially or politically, comes hand in hand with sex. “Sex” and its expressions must adapt to laws, to Church, to censorship. Many have been the ‘Protest’ that emerged from contemporary art as cries against the frequently changing firework between politics and sex.
El street artist Rallito-X utiliza paredes de diferentes ciudades del mundo para protestar contra un sistema, tan absurdo como este personaje, el típico Yuppie, a quien le brotan falos de la cabeza en vez de buenas ideas