Some illustrations of penises and vaginas can be covered by a halo of innocence, as sweet allusions to imaginary related to our first age. It is funny how contemporary artists repeatedly insert the enormous paraphernalia of “the candid” in its works.

Those references to the tenderness have penetrated deeply in the artist memoir, because of the market and advertising. Not just because some contemporary artists represent erotic themes, they avoid using innocent references or codes: toys, candies, superheroes or characters from comics.


Contemporary artists underline the sweetened-sex as taking refuge in a melancholy and warm atmosphere, longing for the world they left behind. Those artists infiltrate adult reflections, and at the same time, they glamourize it in chewing-gum pink.

In Grimm’s or Andersen’s fairy tales, the forest is the place where everything censored in the village, takes place. Many contemporary artists are nostalgic because this place turns deforested at the hands of high technology. Far away from that magic place, today’s forests are inside the web, where child compete with their parents, developing skills and gadgets prematurely.

Why today’s adults -loaded of childhood dreams- are constantly reminiscing stories and characters with which they grew up? Do contemporary artists draw those sweetened cartoon characters, in a desperate effort to avoid its disappearing? So why do these tender characters assume erotic roles?