“In the beginning” Visual Arts

at MOB Barcelona Creative. Collaborative. Co-Working Space

Bailén 11, bajos Barcelona 08013

From Oct. 18th 2012 through Nov. 18th

We are proud to present the selected artists to our Visual Arts exhibit at WeArt Festival 2012

First of all… Our  “WeArtist” in this 1st. edition of WeArt 2012.


Our “WeArtist” in this 1st. edition of WeArt 2012.
Carla & Jessica “Crajes”

“Crajes” are: Carla Rendón (1987) y Jessica Ruiz (1988)

…and they present exclusively to WeArt Festival this amazing art piece

Crajes: “The sons of God came in unto the daughters of men”. 140×50 cm.
Ink, acrylic painting and color pencils on paper. 2012


Sabrina Montiel-Soto

Sabrina Montiel-Soto: “La Libido”. 40x22x4cm. Wooden base, cement and ceramics, and violet silk thread

Sabrina Montiel-Soto: “LA RETENUE”. 19,5×25,5×10 cm. Wood Frame, red Silk thread and Sheep tongue, modeled on special cement enamel



Fabián Andino

Fabián Andino: “Whip me more”. 60x66cm. Ink, pen and acrylic on canvas painted rear. The whip is made of rubber like camera

Nevenka Pavic

Nevenka Pavic: “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. Mix media varying proportions Site specific installation (2012)

Paul Chisholm 

Paul Chisholm: “An Archive of Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, Homophobia & Heterophobia”. Book: text, google search results, limited edition book 1/3 + a/p.

Paul Chisholm: “Provocation” wood, paint and bible. Variable dimensions

Mariana Moranduzzo

Mariana Moranduzzo: “Preservation of an intimate moment” 25x10x30 cm. Real size body-casting, installation. Materials: wax, water, plastic containers, metal, transparent paper labels.

Laura Salvador Honrubia

Laura Salvador Honrubia: “Bellow the navel”. 130×97 cm. Mix media on canvas.

Laura Salvador Honrubia: “La Femme et la douleur”. 80×80 cm. Mix media on canvas

Juanjo López

Juanjo López: “The Girl with Black Boots”. 92×92 cm. Acrylic on canvas

Luis Rodríguez Alcalde

Luis Rodríguez Alcalde: “Pixeled Heart” 45x50x25 cm. Wood and varnish.

Alvaro González

Alvaro González: “Animal Soul” (Stallion and Mare totem series after Dürer). 70×50 cm. c/u. Silkscreen print, acrylic enamel, acrylic paint, gesso and latex on paper


Ana Beltrán Porcar

Ana Beltrán Porcar: “She” 180×180 cm. (is part of a Polyptych) Mixta media on paper, carbon and varnish.

Sandra March


Sandra March: “I do exquisite”. 1,70 x 1,40cm. Embroidered felted sculpture

Daniel Torrent

Daniel Torrent: “Envy” 90×90 cm. Oil and acrylic on canvas

Daniel Torrent: “Laziness” 90×90 cm. Oil and acrylic on canvas

Juan Carlos López Díaz

Juan Carlos López Díaz: “Game Over”. 116×116 cm. Mix Media, Wood and found objects.

Juan Carlos López Díaz: “The Rockeeter” 214×91 cm. Acrylic and carbon on found cardboard

Mónica Pla

Mónica Pla: “Tap raining” Treated black background DM 70x40x4 cm. faucet 11 cm. Mix Media, old bronze faucet, a branch, pearls.

Mónica Pla: “Mata Hari”. Background 70x40x4 cm. Mix Media. Old lipstick, quartz, Stone and glass bottom

Araya Peralta

Araya Peralta: “Collective Pleasure”. 1,50 x 1,15cm. Oil on canvas

Sauro Manetti

Sauro Manetti: “Io e lui” (me and him) 100×40 cm. Engraving on aluminum plate and collage.

Sauro Manetti: “Nipple” 70×80 cm. Engraving on aluminum plate and collage.

Mireia Mesalles

Mireia Mesalles: “Untitled 7”. 26x43x23 cm. Wood, silicone, ceramic, resin, glass, pigments. Mixed Media.

Gloria Keller

Gloria Keller: “Mamagrafía”. 40×80 cm. Mix Media: Book, Wax, acrylic.

Gloria Keller: “Maridaje”. 40×80 cm. Mix Media: Book, pigments, wax, hair.

Raquel Gómez Dueñas

Raquel Gómez Dueñas: “No Title”. 125x80x25 cm. Sculpture, Steel wire , cotton and plastic.