Mertxe Hernàndez. Director and Founder of WeArt Festival.

An inquisitive woman from Barcelona. An Enterpreneur who has over 15 years designing her own fashion label: M TX. Numerous articles in national and international press, defining her concepts as individual and original, handeling each one of her pieces as a work of art.
Parallel to M TX Creations, she has set up and will launch the new and exciting art project: WeArt Festival.
Her objective is to storm and shake-up the cultural scene in her home town. Mertxe also is collaborating with University of Fine Arts in Barcelona demonstrating workshops and conferences.

Soledad Arismendi. Director and Founder of WeArt Festival.

She is a web designer, who has a passion for beauty in all its glory, and her web designing can not be rivaled or matched. Soledad is the Director of ‘This is not a Company’ which focuses on digital innovation on the Internet, applying this to contemporary culture and art. At ‘This is not a Company’ they have created the following projects: etc
Her passion for modern Technologies in this Digital Age has assisted her in setting up a platform for WeArt Festival participating artists in Barcelona where she has affectionately called home for more than a decade.

Aizea Arce. Assistant Director.

A skilled Architect and Photographer, she combines her passion in Graphics and web design also in photography  – therefore winning numerous awards.
After more than 10 years working with various cultural publications, she has decided to accept to join a new and exciting project, that is ‘WeArt. For her to be actively participating in its implementation has helped her to grasp a top quality style with professionalism in all projects in which she participates.

Mio Hayashi. Marketing Consultant.

Mio is originally from Japan, and has lived in Switzerland and New York before settling down in Barcelona. She works as a marketing / brand consultant to companies, designers and artists, at her own agency Gigi & Luka. She became involved with Barcelona art scene upon arrival to the city in 2008 and has fallen in love with its dynamic creativity and independent spirit. She hopes that one day, she will be able connect it with the art scene of her home country in Japan.

Susana Sánchez. Press and Comunications Promoter.

She is best-known as being a ‘mover and shaker’ in the Business. After twelve years tackling the obstacles she faces in the cultural and media, she has accomplished what she set out to do: ‘Argumentaria’.  She has strived in challenging to promote and inovate cultural public projects, therefore transforming the modern landscape – the final destination being the whole World.
“I love to grasp the illusion to communicate ideas.”

Aina Ruiz. Editor.

Journalist passionate about culture in all its forms, consumer of art and amateur photographer. With a Masters degree in Cultural Communication and currently studying a postgraduate course in Management and Production Performances and Cultural Events at the University of Barcelona. Slowly finding her place in the cultural scene, but still looking. A goal? Never stop learning and amaze.

Federica Gaspari. Communication assistant.

World-citizen growing up in Italy, Federica actually lives in Barcelona where she moved three years ago to attend a master in Arts Management. Bohemian, mathematician and cultural manager, she works and collaborates with some gallery in Barcelona, like Miscelanea, Senda Gallery and Tuset Gallery. Co-organizer of the Dress Your Wall market and communicator for attitude, she writes for many art blogs and collaborate for some artistic projects.