MITTE is; a 300-sqm multifunctional open space, a creative channel, a meeting point for different creative disciplines, located in the central eixample district of Barcelona.
This open space merges; the artspace, the architecture laboratory, the cafe, the pop-up window, MITTE of MITTE, the table, the wall and all the people that participate in and assemble them in the mid-point; what we call “MITTE-Barcelona”.
MITTE- Barcelona’s purpose is to be an open space in every senses. Open for new ideas, open for new artists, designers, architects, creatives, open for people who have interest and curiosity, open for multinational projects, an open space to be fulfilled by the energy of the people that share the common interests.
MITTE-Barcelona is a place for, a morning coffee, a late meeting, an inspiration, an expression, disconnect or connect, meeting new people or being just alone for a while…Whatever you wish; we welcome you to MITTE- Barcelona.

Opening: November 7 7:30 p.m. – 22h
Exhibition Period: From November 7 to December 5
T. (+34) 932 652 861

Mitte Barcelona
Carrer Bailén, 86
08009 Barcelona