WeArt Festival born over coffee at the ‘Born’ borough of Barcelona. This area, situated at the old town is widely recognized as an artistic district. It all started when we decided to commit and work together … from that time we were no longer one, “we were us” and we named our project WeArt Festival.

In this way, in an economic and political context predatory of cultural initiatives, WeArt Festival arises from the desire to make contemporary art available to those in need of discourses missing on the distressed ‘mainstream’. The project was created to provide an opportunity to facilitate the visibility of artists doing work capable to set dialogue with its receptors. Therefore, creations likely to fit in insinuative concepts. The team is working on making the event sustainable into an annual event. In this way, an ill-disciplined concept will take the stage once a year.

WeArt Festival understands that we live a radical paradigm shift in which we see the hybridization of what has traditionally been defined in disciplines. The project encompasses the areas of New Media Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Photography, Illustration and Visual Arts. In this multi-platform era, in artistic production the relationship with the audience and its experience gains prominence over the product and its display.

Although Barcelona is its birthplace and embraces its first edition, it is projected that the festival can be replicated in other areas. To this end, the WeArt Festival members sacrifice their own resources in order to create a space for the dissemination of artists who can help bring a robust message strongly needed for such a turbulent moment. The WeArt team works from a collaborative dynamic thanks to the power of collective intelligence. Its source code is incorruptibly transparent and open to the contribution of like-minded individuals.

We see ourselves as cultural disruptors. We intend to create a platform capable of exploiting the works offering a meeting place of knowledge that allow a transmedia narrative. Henceforth, creating a symbolic universe up to serve the international contemporary art scene.