What is WeArt Festival?
Festival of Contemporary and NewMedia Artin Barcelona.
It is an independent festival that serves as a platform to publicise artists and their work.

When can we see WeArt Festival 2014?
The October 11, 2014

Where can we see the WeArt Festival exhibits?
Weart Festival 2014 changes format this year and developed into a single space. So we’ve got an area of more than 2000m2 in the heart of Barcelona.

Who can visit the WeArt Festival exhibitions?
The exhibition is accessible and free to all our visitors.

What do I have to do to participate as an artist inWeArtFestival?
You have to register, create a username for your own profile and then follow the instructions at: http://weartfestival.com/crear-cuenta/

When is the deadline to participate inWeArt Festival?
Midnight July 15th, 2014 August 15, 2014.

How many works can I submit?
You can submit up to 3 works of different disciplines.

Can I introduce several disciplines at once?
You can introduce as many disciplines as you like but you must register for each one of them.

Who is eligible to submit to WeArt Festival?
Submission to WeArt Festival is open to all artists 18 years +.

Do I have to be an artist or have qualifications in order to participate in WeArt Festival?
WeArt Festival 
welcomes proposals from persons trained in the arts or self-taught.

Do I have to be living in Barcelona to participate inWeArt Festival?
Participation in WeArt Festival welcomes International artists.

Why do I have to pay to participate to be a WeArtFestival artist?
Participation in the festival is: € 25 which entitles you to submit up to 3 works in the same discipline. Funds raised by all the subscriptions will be allocated to WeArt Festival’s production costs. We are working on the possibility of the festival being totally free in the future.

What are the advantages of being a selected artist?
Artists who have been selected by our panel of curators will have their art widely promoted through the ‘in-the-know’ media outlets in Barcelona such as through: www.weartfestival.com as well as through the social networks.

How do I pay my subscription?
Log in at: http://weartfestival.com/crear-cuenta/ and the payment is made using paypal credit card.

Who selects WeArt Festival artists?
Artists are selected by a prestigious panel of curators and academics.

What is WeArt Magazine?
WeArt Magazine
is the online magazine for the festival. There will be published interviews with selected artists, finalists, and/or winners.

Is there a theme or concept of inspiration as an artist to participate in the festival?
For there to be consistency with all the works on display, each WeArt Festival edition will propose a topic that will inspire all our budding artists. The curatorial theme of 2014 is the EGO.

What file size can I upload?
All details can be found on the registry page.

How and when will I know if I have been selected?
WeArt Festival 
will contact you via email, so make sure you have provided the correct address!

I have been selected to exhibit in WeArt Festival 2014! What do I have to do now?
Congratulations! We will show you how to participate in the festival via e-mail.
Get your created juices going and enjoy as this great opportunity awaits!

What will happen to the copyright of the image(s) that I submit and how will those image(s) be used?
Copyright of submissions remains the respective entrants’ property.
Submitted images may be used online and in print to gain awareness for WeArt Festival – in which case the artist’s name will be well credited.
Terms and Conditions: http://weartfestival.com/general-information-elegibility/

Can I send printed material, such as books or CDs?
Only online submissions will be accepted. Any hard copy material sent will not be returned.

If am unable to register or upload my images, what should I do?
Check that you do not have a firewall installed that is preventing access. You may also try to submit different web browsers such as Chrome or Safari or a different computer. If you still experience technical problems, contact us: info@weartfestival.com and give a short description of the problem you are experiencing